Metal Wood Prints 29,5 x 29,5 cm
Special Printings on Metal

Metal Print with Wood Float Frame 29,5cm x 29,5cm - Frameless

Method of Printing: Printed by a ChromaLuxe® Certificated Lab. Printing is done inside the material by the process of ink sublimation.
Material: Aluminium 1.3 mm thickness.
Method of Suspension: Metal Print is attached to a solid wood back.

All artworks are numbered, signed by the artist and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
Available at selected galleries and art shops. For more information please contact with Mr. Christos Gkikas (Art Projects Coordinator)

Series: Study of a Hug (part one)
I Love You


Series: Study of a Hug (part two)
Together  Together II Together in Blue
Dance of Harlequins in Red

Dance of Harlequins in Blue  

Series: Study of a Hug (part three)

Toghether B/W  

Series: Angelique on the Swing
Angelique on the Swing C.O.G.    
Angelique on the Swing Black 

Angelique on the Swing White I Angelique on the Swing Black II

Series: I Believe
I Am Holding You I Believe IV I Can Do It
I Believe III

I Believe II I Believe I

Series: I Believe "Chairs"
Chair I

Chair II Chair III

Series: In Black & White
Spheres B&W

Harlequin Petit & Sphere B&W Harlequin & Sphere B&W

Series: Hugs
Hug on Charcoal

Hug II Hug I

Series: The City of Games (part one)
Harlequin I

The Cyclist  

Series: The City of Games (part two)
The City of Games I
The City of Games II

The City of Games I


Gift Box


All metal wood prints (29,5 x 29,5 cm) offered in a luxury magnetic box which includes their certificate of authenticity.